Christmas In Your World

cropped-christmas-village-for-blog1.jpgDear Readers:

This page is for the purpose of allowing readers of this site to share their own special memories, recipes, customs, ideas, songs, stories, poems, etc. concerning Christmas. We want to know how YOU celebrate the birth of the Savior. What does your own family — or your own city — or your own country — do that is special to you? Please use the “Comments” section freely to share as many times as you’d like.

You may type in everything you want to share in the “Comment” box, or you may leave us a link to your own site, where you have a post or pictures that  you want us to see.

Looking forward to celebrating with ALL of you!

(Only positive posts, please.  No posts from Grinches allowed)


A message of good cheer is what we want here. Please don't go away without leaving a Christmas greeting.

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