Hi!  Welcome to the site and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

My name is Sandra Conner, and I’m the host of “Merry Christmas, World!”  I’m also the “Christmas Princess” in the picture on the left. (My costume from my elementary school Christmas play). Of course, I’m somewhat older and wiser than when that picture was taken, and it’s just one of scores of photos my family and I have taken over the years at Christmas time. We have always loved Christmas with a passion and still do.

I think a great deal of our delight in the holiday came from my mother and her own personal enjoyment of it. She spared no effort to prepare our home, our food, our clothes, and our festivities lovingly and carefully for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. And, as a result, my sister and I have lived all of our lives comforted, inspired, and energized by preparing for Christmas.

However, we do not “labor” over the holidays.  Our efforts have nothing to do with feeling that we must impress anyone, or that we are weighed down with expectations from other family members, friends, or community groups. We would never allow the holiday to sink to that level. For us, it’s first and foremost and always about the celebration of Jesus Christ our Savior allowing Himself to be born as a baby so that He could live a perfect life for us and deliver us from our sin. He came to give us a new chance to be one with our Creator and Father God, and everything about this season should be a celebration of that fact.

We rejoice in the truth that we are at peace with God and, because of His love, we also love — our families, our friends, our neighbors, the strangers in our midst, and those thousands of miles away on another continent. And because we love, we give. Giving is what it’s all about.  God gave to us, so we give to others — as freely and as often as we can.

Personally, I celebrate Christmas all year long.  You will be as likely to find me playing Christmas carols and watching Christmas movies in July as in December. Since I am an author, a musician, and a graphic designer, among other things, I have ample opportunities to work with Christmas themes throughout the year, and I just naturally gravitated to expanding my Christmas ideas into Cyberspace. 

I’m glad you stopped by to visit and celebrate Christmas with me here, and I do hope that when you leave, you will take with you the gifts of love, laughter, hope, and faith that I’ve tried to provide here at “Merry Christmas, World!”  And please come again.

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  1. Thank you for recently visiting my blog site. It seems we both want to share the love and gift at Christmas time of Jesus’s birth. He is the ‘reason for the season’ as it has been said. Have a very Merry Christmas. God bless.

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