That Old Christmas Wishbook


A few weeks ago, I found myself feeling nostalgic in a “Christmasy” sort of way: I was wishing I could pick up some of the old Christmas catalogs that I used to lose myself in back in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. When I say “lose myself,” that’s exactly what I mean. My sister and I used to practically live for the day the Christmas catalogs arrived, and we could be found, from that day to Christmas, “living” in those pages — dreaming, wishing, and make-believing.

So I decided to search the Internet, and to my great joy came across this site.  (Link below). It offers the complete Christmas catalogs from several different companies for the 1930’s through the 1980’s. OH THE JOY!!!

Not only did I delight in looking at all those pages of my favorite things — including fancy house shoes, matching pajamas for the whole family, toy trains, record players, and all kinds of sweet confections — but I actually discovered some things that had been a part of my life during those years. I found a set of coffee mugs that some good friends of ours had owned and used for years. I also found a multi-colored vest that I really had ordered from the catalog and worn for years. When I told my sister about the site, she started spending time there and discovered the page showing a doll and doll bed that Mom and Dad had ordered for her from that particular catalog.

Well, as you can imagine, I have been back to the site several times, and will make many more visits before the big day gets here.

This site loads the entire catalog of each issue — hundreds of pages in thumbnail size which enlarge to full-page size when you click on them. I felt sure that some of the rest of you, when you were kids, must have felt that special thrill when the Christmas catalogs came out each year. So I’m sharing this link with you for old time’s sake.  (And below the link is a poem I was inspired to write shortly after visiting the site the first time.


Bright flashes of blissful moments,
Fluttering pages of Christmas memories.
Drifting through my mind.

Pages of memories of childhood beam
With living, expectant Christmas dreams.
Longing for them now.

Remembering how each page was able to ignite
My imagination, which brought each one to life.

Oh happy, happy days!
Bright daydreams & wishes,
Make-believing magic,
Found within the pages –
The Christmas catalogs.






6 thoughts on “That Old Christmas Wishbook

  1. Wow, what a fantastic post and article! Cannot wait for Christmas season! I love what is at the Wishbook website, and spend much time poking around the internet looking for similar things. I found another website that has quite a few Montgomery Ward and JCPenney Christmas catalogs, in addition to Sears Wish Books, so maybe you want to check this out or share with your friends and blog readers:

    Thank you and enjoy!

    1. Thank you so much for this link. I had one whole year when I did not do any work at all on this website — due to several different personal and family matters that needed much attention. But now that I have some time to focus on this site again, I hope you will still get this reply. Thanks for the link, and I’ll definitely try to put a post up soon that shares it with everyone.

    1. Thank you so much. Sorry my reply is so long is coming, but I did not do any work at all on this site for over a year — due to focusing on several personal and family situations that needed much attention. Hopefully, I can get back to regular Christmas posting this year.

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